Fun House

  Fun House

  Written By: Tassia Konidaris


The impossible standards of life fill your mind up w so much spite about everything you think doesn’t look right. 

But trust me baby everything is alright, everything about you is right, don’t listen to the noise outside making you twist and turn at night.

Look in the mirror everything is there, your beautiful locks of hair and the captivating sight of your stare. 

I’ve been there, you know the times when you look in the mirror, hate everything that’s there, and complain about nothing being fair

It’s hard to get out of that state when all you see is hate but just you wait bc soon enough that weight will b erased

Who you are is beautiful and unique, don’t get caught up in the dirty thoughts that make u sink, ignore all that, and make it thru the brink.

The harder you look the less beauty you see, bc our brains can’t comprehend that everything isn’t supposed to be tidy and neat, once causing an internal ransack of defeat

But not every hair will be in place, not every scar will be erased and that’s how it is living as the human race, so stop calling urself a disgrace for Christ’s sake. 

Nothing will be perfect, but u can get close enough if you show yourself some love and keep the demons from descending from above

We have the days where we see our face and inject the fake

apply the nova cane, shut my eyes power down my brain, wake up see your bandage, hoping it fixed the so-called “damage”

**** that.

It takes a while to understand that you were perfectly crafted by God’s hand and that everyone knows you’re the fairest of the land and I can’t stand how you cant understand

The natural awe you have should b against the law, stand up tall, we’ll catch you if you fall bc confidence comes and goes, but I want you to know that you’re always the star of the show

You can’t ever let that go, no matter how deep your insecurity grows. 

Real self-love and imagery needs to be practiced more, bc I see so many people trying to conform to what “they” claim as the norm. 

That shit is so fake, that size triple zero, lip plumped, fake *** photoshopped, nose touched up, double E size cup, filtered face cover-up is not what real beauty is made up of.

What these girls need to see when they r scrolling thru social media a bazillion times a week, is people showing every stretch mark, beauty scar, and everything that’s normal and nothing to be ashamed of, bc that’s what the human body is made of

Judgment free that’s how shit should be but give it time bc soon toxicity will die at the feet of these rhymes, drownin in my redefined sublime

It’s terrible that what these girls see on their feed is all these supermodels who preach about pills that make u not wanna eat, like its something that’ll automatically bring you happiness on repeat

It’s disgusting and that’s why I’m discussing that that’s not what beauty is, beauty is loving your body as it is and feeling good in your own skin, now preach that line to your kin.

Social media is toxic, it makes u think that in order to be considered beautiful, that you have to be the opposite of au natural and cover yourself up with filters that aren’t realistic as hell

But it’s what people see, they focus on it and think that’s what they need to be in order to be seen, making them hate their body at age seventeen for not looking like a string bean with an *** that could shatter bulletproof glass

It’s important to know that your every curve, swerve, and inch of u was perfected by god to be put on this earth, now surf the wave of mental rebirth and sanctify your worth

Don’t download an app to change you, j bc they told u that’s the only way someone would ever wanna land you.

Everyone’s body is different and that should be celebrated, bc nobody is the same, if they were then life would be mad lame, 

I’d wanna grow wings, take off like a crane to another dimension where diversity is dancing in the rain, monotony would drive me insane and strap me to the tracks of the simulations train

Fun House, it causes all your doubts, gotta make it out and take a look at what we’ve all been talking about.

Beauty, its what we’ve seen, and what you’re now seeing, so set your demons free, their curfew is 3:33