Green Eyes

Megan Smith

Broken, bruised, and bent 

Green eyes covered with glass 

Trying to hold everything in trying to get through but there is a moment of darkness and the dam breaks

A waterfall opens


A smile to try to conceal the fact you are hurting 

It’s what you have been taught to do                                                                           

Cover your imperfections 


A feeling of betrayal 

Not mad but hurt
Not a check in to see how you are doing 

So you question 

Thought bubbles start to take over 

A movie starts to play 

You see the weeds that you tried avoiding but now can’t seem to get of your mind 

Pulling the weeds trying to erase the memories 


Glue sealing the voice 

Acknowledgment non 

Memories erased 

Passing as if strangers in a big city 


You can’t act
The movie is replaying

Stab in the back 

Blood dripping down 

Part of your story 

A chapter in your book 

You reread and reread 


God has his reasons 

The seed just received water 

Helping to grow bigger and stronger 

A learning experience 


Road turns 

Weeds turn into flowers 

Green eyes fill with light 

A smile only some can bing out 

A new chapter begins