Joe’s Mama

Anthony Matteo

A joke, so innocent, so fun,

began to target my son

It turned into something so cruel

as though the world

had something against me


Yo mama so fat,

Yo mama so ugly,

what part of me holds those traits

if only Joe hadn’t told that joke


It was an ordinary day

when someone asked,

Hey what’s your name?


Joe.. what?



Try to imagine my reaction


staring blankly

Now picture what I did standing there

next to my kid

he cracked a joke with no punchline

but still it was funny

Should I have laughed

I don’t know

after all he did set up,

this kid to clap back

I witnessed a grin crawl out from his confusion

imagine my reaction

when he said

Well Yo mamma

she’s so dumb it takes her an hour to cook minute rice


They were just kids having fun

but they couldn’t imagine

how their jokes made me feel

Because now i’ll forever be the mama

that’s fat, 

that’s dumb, 

that’s stupid.

Forever Joe’s mama