We Sail For Days


Photo courtesy of Google images

Evan Peterman

We Sail For Days


And The Ocean Is Our Sky

A night so dark brought joy to us

The Beautiful Darkness for us Peculiar Children 

There is something so glamorous to find

We yearned for its blaze

The search continued on and on

Until we stumbled upon a Hollow City

The land of the Promised, Emma would be proud

I made an oath to them

That the Kaiju No.8 will be dealt with

We will vanquish Those Violent Delights that sate its monstrous tendencies

The fire in our hearts rages on and our grieving restless

Yet it was a shared broken impurity we all cherished 

On arrival, we did what we had to do

On that day we Set Fire To The God

Ignite the sky

We are no longer dependent on you, Mr.Puppeteer

We shall Defy The Stars to descend into madness

Our oh-so-beloved Beautiful Chaos will drown all as the sea did to our ancestors

We people of the Legend Born,

We are bound by the Darkest Magic

A spiraling Vortex reveals the true light, a new light, the unwavering moonlight

Is our justice, The Vanishing Star

We Sail For Days

And the ocean was our sky

By The Mark Of Athena, wisdom shall guide us

At The Dawn Among Sticks And Bones