Underground Oceans


Photo courtesy of Google images

Jacqueline Ransdell

The image in your mind, keep it pristine.

Twist my insides til you see them gleam.

You left me alone in the heated beams.

When we meet by the trees

Tell me your dreams.

Do you remember that ember.

It was in late December.

When you told me what condemns her.

The world you tried to dismember.

Watch the waves of your life.

Fall into their ocean of lies.

Don’t be surprised when the love you despise drowns you alive.

Keep your eyes on me as the planet dies.

We shall be the only ones to survive.

Join me in my secluded fantasy

Just outside of people’s sanity.

It’s really a tragedy

No one else receives this kind of clarity.

Nothing in life is free

Your name means nothing in the big scheme.

But keep your reputation clean.

You don’t want to lose your self-esteem.

When the fireflies glow

There’s a sanctuary below.

Where the children still grow

And the air still flows.