Gangster of Boats Trilogy Parts I & II

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

Jelly Rohde

Part I: Ode to Rush

They paved their path themselves,

a choice to roll the bones,

defying Mercury they took the Earth by storm.


In synthetic hum and prophetic chorus,

one not complete without his counterparts,

together they usher in an era of progress.


Slicing through the air on the highest frequencies,

a voice rings on permanent waves,

instruments sing in untimely melody.


Their music plays across hemispheres,

behind the power windows of cars,

testing for echo in concert halls.


Signals go through in dots and lines,

their faces drawn in color,

preserved in moving pictures.


The biting caress of steel strings and sticks,

once you begin, you can never go back,

no one really wants to say farewell to kings.


With eternal grace under pressure,

they rewound time in one final show,

before a dear friend left to meet clockwork angels.


Part II: Ode to an Intangible Feeling

I close my eyes as your voice rings through my ears,

powerful and committed,

yet gentle.

It could have been for anyone,

it could have been for me.


When you looked through the screen

I know you were looking at me.

And when you said you worried,

I know you were talking about me.

But I suppose it isn’t really knowing,

just hoping,

just wishing.


I’m aware it isn’t real,

but I like to pretend.

It was nice to think that somewhere,

someone cared.

So, even if it makes no difference

to what we’re going through,

if you have no other comfort,

I worry about you