Dennis Dunkman

Photo courtesy of Google images

Ryan Donnelly

One Saturday morning I had awoken to a jarring remixing of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”.

My annoying brother, Phil, was playing it on his cheap Yamaha keyboard. The reverb and percolation of sound were so strong it was as if it was right next to my head. At least it was a good song he was playing, but a remix? Pathetic if you ask me. 

I hopped out of bed with a large chip on my shoulder and ran down the stairs to tell him how much of a douche he was. 

“Dude, dude, dude! Shut it off, shut it off, bro! Chill, bro. Chill.”

“Will, bro, it’s my only day off this week, man.”

The bastard kept playing the song whilst shaking his head in a rhythmic way. He had an annoying tomato hat on his head because he thinks he’s a big goofball and life’s a big joke.

“When will you realize that I need sleep and rest, too?!”

“You get more than me, that’s for sure. Quit your whining, this is good music.”

“Fine. I’ll let you have your fun, I’m up now anyway.”

As I left the room my mind came up with a dastardly plan. I would leave for a bit and once he started playing again, you know, really getting into it I would run over and take that no-good hat off his stupid head. I’d take it and run it outside and drop it into the swimming pool. Now was my chance so I pounced.

“Hey! What the hell?”

“That’s what you get for coming home after curfew!” I exclaimed, as I nervously found my way to the backdoor. 

In what seemed like forever, I finally opened the door and dashed outside. Old Phil was right behind me so I jumped in the pool with the hat. He jumped in too. It was on. At least it was on, temporarily. Phil caught my arm as he quickly sprung upwards off the bottom. He gave me a really good noogie and got his hat back. And you bet he went back to playing that crap.