6 Inches

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

Ellie Budd



November 12th, 2022

I still remember my mom’s sad face

We were driving the Cherry Hill

I never thought this would happen

Mommy’s eyes were as blue as fresh diamonds, they’re so pretty

But today they rained sadness

The sky was throwing shades of gray all morning

I didn’t know her well

But I know my mom loved her

I wish I wanted to spend more time with her

I just never got the chance to

She spent so much time in the hospital that it was basically her new home

My mom always said I loved her

But did I?

I never thought I knew her well enough to say I love her

I loved her courage

What does over 10 years of cancer have on someone anyways

Her face was the perfect oval shape

Blue eyes and blond hair

She didn’t even reach five feet yet

So much to look forward too

We all donated so much blood and hair for her

Last March I donated 6 inches

She has had to have the prettiest wig in the hospital

That is for sure