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Victor Gilloteau



Why believe when you can’t perform?Why think when you can’t understand?Why start when you don’t know where this will lead you?Why appreciate when you’re scared it will disappear?



You’re feeling like the sun but in reality, you have the potential of pluto.Life is a highway but you’re a 2002 honda civic, breaking down as soon as things aren’t smooth.The snow is a white blanket that you just want to fall deeper into without escaping it. The small things that make you spark are the same that can make you break down.



The light reflects in your mind, sometimes blue or red but it shines to blind you. It reflects into your action as if you are controlled by the light. You act how you think people want you toYou dress how you think people want you toBut you know that you will never be like the people



Why create when you know it one daylight be destroyed?Why pursue if you know there’s a possibility you won’t reach?We ask these questions that none have answers to,Yet they still control us.



Time flies and if you don’t control it, time might never come back.You walk instead of running because you forget the value of time.You look up and you see clear skies and the sun sparkling.you finally embrace the things you have and stop thinking.



The happiness you feel is just the tip of the iceberg,All the questions start fading and all it took was time.Why so much pressure when you should be living?