Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images


If only I wasn’t skipping around my house If only I was wearing my ankle braceThat this wouldn’t have happened to me Moments after I hit the floor my heart immediately started to race

Crack Crack Crack!I instanlty came to conclusion, that this was most definitely not an illusion That feeling of realizing that this was going to affect me and basketball would become a messLike realizing you did a question wrong on a math test


Strength is Time

As I would wait for my ankle to heal I would rhymeThinking about all of the other stories I could come up with because the truth was embarrassing I ended up telling the truth because it made me laugh,


If I didn’t laugh about it, I would cry about it Emotions rushed through my brain like adrenaline activating from coffee PT definitely fit me, helped me, recovered meWithout it my ankle would still go, “Crack! Crack! Crack!”