The Trail


Logan Heath

Two options to choose fromGo left and you get put on an expert trailStay right and watch the beginners failIt all started at the beginning of the lift at Mountain Creek…
Days before I was contemplating on if I should do it or not…..Lift access, downhill mountain biking.The most dangerous and most adrenaline-rushing part of bikingThe thought of danger just leaves you wanting more.
I’ve never tried it beforeSo I asked my dad, and I couldn’t sleep that nightI was excited and nervous at the same time,Like waiting at the top of a roller coaster waiting to go down
I arrived, my friend and I are gathered at the lift waiting to go up.We set our bikes on the side of the gondola, and took offWe arrived at the top of the mountain, smiles on our facesIt was a good day in June, sunny and in the 60s.
Perfect day for a ride!We planned it out, starting out with jumps, and ending with big rock dropsWe started a train, him first then me.We took off like a rocket, not looking back
We did a few wall rides, and then we reached a pretty big jump.Im not the best at jumps but I figured I would give it a shot today.I put my weight into the bike, compressing the suspenionAnd BOOM! We were in the air
I made one crucial mistake… I leaned too far forward…My body weight got pushed forwardI landed on the back of my neckThen my back
As soon as I Iost control, my eyes lit up like the fourth of July,I froze up and just laid there in the middle of the trail, hurt and beaten….Like a deer in headlightsNothing in my mind except thoughts
Laying there was relaxing in a way, nothing to do and nowhere to go
I tried to move my arm, but I couldn’tIt felt like the weight of a Beluga whale on my armMy friend hiked up the trail yelling my name, wondering where I was
He called 911 and EMTS came up the mountain.They scooped me up in a UTV and I was on my way.My mom rushed back to the mountain and took me to the hospitalLuckily I only broke my shoulder blade, and after we got ICE CREAM!