Words on a Book

Words on a Book

Raeed Karim

My life is like words on a bookWaiting to be writtenLike an excited kittenWith each line the world will be shook


Everywhere I go, the words are writtenWith every success I boastBut in the end I feel I’m toastAt every end it feels I’m bitten


But with every fail I give a glaring lookThe cultures and smellsA story it tells aboutThe foods that I cook


Everywhere I go a story is writtenBecause everything in our lifeLeads our brain to a rifeBut I’m still a kitten


Waiting to be a catAnd have my words writtenThe journey is so cold I need a mittenSoon I’ll be chasing rats


I’ll go down each roadBecause I know the truthLike Ruth Bader GinsburgWith each line I write


Every step I take is another paragraphWritten on my bookTo make people shookBecause this is my life


And I wrote it all downOn a story that’s being toldA story so boldThat never ends