Welcome Home, Brooklyn


Photo courtesy of Google images

Emily Michaluk


At the age of 14, I met my forever friend

Her bright coat, big blue eyes and 

energy as bubbly as a can of soda 

She pranced around in excitement as she licked my face 



She became part of the family but never 

left my Dad’s side. 

Like a shadow, she followed him… 

To the bathroom, to the shower, to work, and the barn she went. 



Brooklyn is a little monster who chews up everything in sight 

A loving and playful friend to everyone she 

meets, from the horses and birds at the barn 

to our friends that come to visit.



Her effervescent personality makes up for 

the path of destruction that follows her… 

Brooklyn the co-worker who sits up high 

in the salt truck with my dad… 



Brooklyn the running buddy who jogs next 

to me as I train for track…

Brooklyn the companion who snuggles on

the couch to watch a movie with the family… 

Brooklyn the prancing silver lab who is my forever friend.