The Realization


Photo courtesy of Google images

Blake Star


During a trip to another countryWith the ACIS group.The group and I visited a school“So what!” I thought,


Paying the detour not much attentionWith so much more ahead,I gave not much thoughtTo what would become my head.


The excursion wasn’t what I pictured thoughThe rooms were hot,And the fans were small.Yet the roaches were not.


Through these disturbancesWhich would make any other squealThe children at this school ran aroundHappily, painting with a teal.


Their smiles were biggerThan most of ours on the outingYet the difference in convenienceWould give most quite the shouting


Knowing all this andReturning to the hotel.I took it lightly at the timeBut now I can tell.


It is like Christmas dayTo most where we areHowever, quite differentlyTo those surviving afar.