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William L. Wallace

I play football, a game of bullies Trying to kill each other and demoralize their opponent Football is a warzone being fought to the deathThe game can be as bloody as a mosquito
But if you look into it it’s a game of love.Through all the blood sweat and tearsTeammates are always there for each other in our toughest times They help each other when in need
Give advice when they are scared and No matter what, they are a family and they will always be there.The friendships and bonds you make you will never forget and regretFootball is a game that lasts an hour but the friendships will last forever.
Big, small, tall, fat, skiny, strong, weak no matter what you Are you are a part of the football family and can count on your brothers to support you
When adversity arises they turn around and make it despiseAnd never give up and let one of their brothers down
Because football is a family and if one of us cries we all cry.