What’s Your Identity?


Dominick Guzzo

Photo courtesy of Google images



I haven’t figured out what my identity is yetI like to think it changes from time to time,Like a bird that flies from tree to tree not knowing where he will end up sleepTime is key, to figure out what I will be in a world filled with unpredictable trees.


I am a brown boy who likes to have fun and ballAlthough I only stand 5 feet 7 inches tallBut that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love.Sometimes it gets tough being so shortSo I push myself to rise above and dominate on the court


Life is a highway filled with tricksI try to avoid them and not step on the wrong stick.But when life kicks I kick backThen move on and not fall into the same trap.


I also love animals and dogsI just like to live life and move onSo yeah I haven’t fully figured out what my identity is yetI guess I’m just a teenage brown boy who loves to play ball and have fun not knowing what will come next.