Brand New Day

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images



In the morning light, the world awakes,The sun stretches its arms and takesA hold of the day, bright and new,Painting the sky with shades of blue.


Birds chirp their songs and take to flight,Their melodies bringing delight,As they dance and play in the trees,The rusting leaves whispering in the breeze.


In the fields, the flowers bloom,Their colors bursting, dispelling gloom,Their sweet scent fills the air,As butterflies flit here and there.


In the distance, mountains rise,Their peaks piercing the clear blue skies,A testament to nature’s power,A reminder of each passing hour.


As the day wears on, the world turns,The suns warmth, each creature learns,Until finally, the day is done.And the moon and stars come out, one by one.


The night brings a different charm,A sense of mystery, a soothing balm,As the world slows down and takes a rest,In the embrace of darkness, feeling blessed.


And so, the cycle of life goes on,From dawn to dusk, from night to morn,A symphony of light and sound,A masterpiece of wonder that astounds.