Earth’s unheard pain

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

Griffin Coutts


burning, dry, and bare

as the world progresses

its life redacts

the more energy we use

the less the world can give


our planet is a timebomb

waiting for one wrong wire to be cut and explode

patiently waiting

she does not ask for help

but she does show it

people read the signs

but not the right ones

businesses are greedy

and scientists are needy

no lunchbreaks in her long hours

oil is extracted

cities are left baren and the atmosphere becomes tinted

fossil fuels are burned

even if they hurt her

for she is a sheep for the wolf of society

not all is bad though

for her cries become recognized

revolutionist identified the problem

politicians begin to problem solve

the people then follow suit

Earth is far from being saved

but is now understood

as the doves begin to fly

and that’s a start