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Matt Evans

Engaging?Maybe, four sum.Most sit plain in a plane,bored in their equilaterallypolygonal desks.
We entered the matrix,in Texas, eighty-four,but it seemed unreal,asymptotically imaginary.Our memory failed to log,failed to solve, could not equatethat we were but plotted statistics–algebraically assigned to a functionallyirrelevant table,like the lurking, enigmatic problemincalculably unanswered on a test.


Breaking the sequence,a ratio of uncountable infinity to aleph null,potentially in error,a point where X didn’t mark the spot.


Some fail to comprehend theorders of magnitude that canhalve this whole.Complexity was not lost;at least, nothopefully.Trigonometry, calculus, geometry,obvious applications of algebra–and it’s 2:35.