Photo courtesy of Google images

Amanda Lia

The little white pill
The prescription, solution
This will make you normal
This will make you fit in
Why would you take this
Why wouldn’t you want this
Don’t you wanna be normal
To fit in the lines
To blend with everyone else
Why would you want to be different
Just take this and you’ll feel better
Just take this and you’ll feel normal
Just take this
Just take this
Just take…
The cycle never ends
The problems never stop
Your never good enough as yourself
You always need something else
Buy this
Take this
Be this
Dont be you
Be everyone else
You aren’t good enough without this
Fit in
Stick to status quo
Your grades are slipping, here take this
You’re distracted take this
No, you need this
What do you mean you don’t want this
Do you not wanna be normal
You’re special
You’re different
You don’t know what you want
You don’t know what you need
Take this
Take this
Why can’t I just be me
Why is me not enoughWhy do I have to change to fit inWhy am I the problem