Nature at Its Finest


Photo courtesy of Google images

Steven Macchia


Why is the sky blueWhy is grass greenWhy is the ocean blueWhy is the ocean deepDo animals ever dream?Why can we dream?Are we considered the sea?We are deepLike the sea, we are not seenNoticed sometimesNoticed is rareLooking up at the skyLooking down at the grassEach cloud and each bladeComes to terms with that it’s not seenTo be considered greatAttributes must be seenA dolphin’s intelligenceA whale’s sizeA dog’s obedienceOr a Bird in the skyMost unseenMost never heardBut yet again that’s how it worksSome in the spotlightSome working behind the spotlightSome have fame and some do notThe gears turn without being noticedBut without gears how would time be noticedUntil the battery stopsThe clock runs how it shouldSilentEfficientAnd perfect for the job it holds stillBattery deadThe watch could be discardedLooking ahead to who may have the finest

diamond district is a good startBut what happened to that watchThat had a good startA simple replacement could’ve workedBut now you look for something with more earthMore glitters and shinesMore beauty and passion