The Mirror


Photo courtesy of Google images

Erin Miller


They’re everywhere

In reflections of the sides of cars

The darkness of my dead phone

My moms sunglasses on a sunny day

The chocolate filled eyes of my dog

They’re unavoidable

The day I wake up not feeling beautiful is the day these reflections seem to follow me

Do I intentionally spend longer in the bathroom to look at myself?

Do other people see that my hair frizzes as if id rubbed a balloon on it prior

That my skin oozes with oil

That the brisk air makes my lips crack with every word

I stare in the glass as my face becomes altered

I didn’t look like this yesterday

My friends say i look fine as I whine about the red dot that illuminates my nose

As me and my friends line up in the bathroom and stare at ourselves my eyes wander to the goddesses that are my friends

Their hair falls perfectly like the way palm trees drape

Their clothes fit them just right as if to be custom made for their bodies

Their teeth glow like pearls

I find my eyes in my reflection 

My throat tightens as if too cry

The mirror

I hate it 

I always find myself in it

If so I hate it why am I always there