Symphony of Peace: The Calming Power of Music


Photo courtesy of Google images

Colson Napurano


In the chaos of this world we live,the noise and clamor, it’s hard to givea moment of peace, a moment to find,a space to breathe, a space to unwind.


In the sound there is unease,with the hopes of hearing only a breeze,just to be placed in a noisy seaand be hit with its ear-piercing sound, which we can’t foresee.


We lie awake unable to sleep,all we can do is listen and weep,as the wind shouts at us,covering our ears is a must.


But we can turn to musicfor without it, we stay sick,it’s a symphony of peace, it’s all we needin order to keep pushing through life and succeed.


The notes, flow like a gentle stream,that contributes to our everlasting dreams,where we are able to dance among the colorful palmswith their bright green leaves that make us calm.


The melody soothes the soul,it’s a symbol of hope that makes us wholethe rhythm, like a heartbeat, keeps us abovemusic brings us strength in the world we love.