The Definites

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

Zachary Narozny


Life both starts with and ends with blackIt’s the only thing definite in life,And much more secure than finding yourself a wifeBut, that’s the best thing about life,Is you make itWell, that might lead to the question of what makesone life different from another? Why does one’s life turn outDifferent than others?


What differentiates one person from anotherIs something nobody quite can grasp,there are so many different outliers betweenEach person, but what makes us unique is pretty simpleIt’s not that we each have unique genes, eat different beans,All carry a spleen, wear different jeans, or what we did in our teens


But what makes you you is you and how keen you are on being different,You can stand out like black text on a white page,or like a sore thumb. You can accept the idea of sonderor reject it, it’s up to you!


But the true beauty of life ishow these outliers shape people around us

As they surround us the ideas of people’s inception flood my mindI start to think of reasons or explanationsfor what caused people to Be different,not better or worse, just different.