Drug Addiction


Photo courtesy of Google images

Jack Peri

Disclaimer: This poem was inspired by the work of Wislawa Szymborska. It is a use of my poetic license and not a reflection of my personal thoughts and feelings. Drug addiction is a serious issue in our society.


I hear them calling my nameDancing on my deskLife in shamblesNeed to rebuildPhone is an arms length awayOne push and my pain will go awayDon’t have enough cashI’ll find a wayPray I make it another dayI want to runHide for another dayDrugs help me hideMake the pain subsideJump for the windowCan’t keep upWanna flyLeave this world behindHeart achesNeed to find real love

Just want real love

Found my loveShe’s in front of meTempting meEscaping from this realityAlways by my sideWherever I goNever a fightOr a frightShe tells me everything will be alrightAs I lie down I thinkAs I think it sinksNeedle so coldBegin to sweatRealize my regretRoom getting colderDevil on my shoulderI think to myselfIs it…Over?