Passing Through Time

Mary Schurter


My love is away at war

Misery takes his home in my chest

My love I cannot see

Fear entangles me like ivy

My love is causing me pain

Worry settles on my shoulders

Breathing without the man I love

Has me choking on desolation

My ears bleed at the sound of solitude screaming

As I remember every detail of the last time I saw him

My love I do not want becoming a stranger

All I want is to pass through time

My love is home at war

Separation has kept us together

My love I can see and hear every day

I enlisted and we are stationed at home

My love is my company in such lonely shelter

Fear still lives in familiar places

But when the war is over

Our ears will bleed at the sound of celebration

We will have won a war without violence

Until then we pass time together

We are home at war fighting for strangers