The Wait

Emma Norton, Editor-in-Chief of Visions

How long has this gone on?



It’s longer than the scarf I made.

That concerned me. I thought I had more yarn.

It’s longer than all the hair I shaved off a few days ago.

But I’m glad I did it. If you go crazy on the outside,

Then you don’t go crazy on the inside.

Not yet, not now.


We’ve outlasted the coming of the daffodils,

And the little white wildflowers,

And the yellow bushes,

And now even the cherry blossoms and the dandelions.

I started to make dandelion syrup but it’s a two day make.

What a joke. It’s springtime. 

This wait is longer than my supply of black paint.


Just a moment ago it started to snow.

It looked like snow but it smelled like rain.

I went outside and my scarf kept my neck warm.

It snowed in big fat gobs of snow –

The kind you cheer about on Christmas.

Softly I sung “Silver Bells”

But the earth was not happy.

I do not blame her.

I stood out on the street,

Covered in snowflakes,

And I heard shouts from another street.

The one behind my backyard and behind that of my neighbors.

And I decided that it was a good thing,

Because what else was it supposed to be?