Amal Ayub

We used to laugh when it rained

And dance under it


But now I see that

When the rain pours 

It gets tough to see the light

The clouds cover what little hope 

you have left

And it’s easy to give up

So easy that it entices you

Pulls you in

Says to you I am what you need

I am what you want

And as the voice continues to speak

It begins to distort your reality

Everything that you looked forward to 

After the sun comes out

Isn’t there anymore


Everyone is here for you

No one expects you to get through this

A stronger and better person

Because right now

Not many people can see 

Past the rain

Even I can’t look past the rain

But just know that right now

Its okay

Not to be okay

I mean it was always okay


I just don’t want to forget

That there is life after


Where there is

Sun and hope

And laughs

You’ll get through this

And so will I 

And maybe one day 

We’ll meet again

Under the sun