Journal Entry

John Henry Rowley

Many things have changed during this strange time in quarantine, but perhaps the most interesting changes are the small ones. While we are all stuck inside our homes with nowhere to go, it’s interesting to walk around town and see that there are less cars on the roads than ever before, and more people walking around than I have ever seen. This time, which has forced us to isolate ourselves, has inspired many more people to go outside and enjoy nature than I have ever seen before. It’s strange how times that separate us the most can bring us the closest together with each other and nature. Many more people now are also taking up different hobbies in their free time too. I myself have been working on learning new songs on the piano and guitar, and I have spent a large sum of time advancing in a game with my friends farther than ever before. Days have also started blending together, I no longer find myself concerned with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. I only find myself wondering if I have school or not. Luckily, thanks to the changes in schedule that have occured thanks to quarantine, I have been getting more sleep than ever before, which is certainly something to be grateful for. Overall, quarantine isn’t all bad. There are certainly very horrible things going on in the world right now, but this strange time has it’s benefits. Some of those involve being able to fully control your health, as it’s easier now than ever before to just go for a run or lift some weights. The repercussions that this time will have when it comes to things like movie theaters and schools or businesses will also be quite intriguing. With more movies getting released strictly digitally, will companies find a need to release movies in theaters anymore? I suppose only time will tell.