Quarantine Reflection

Jacob Carfagna

Throughout this pandemic, the world has been at an all time low, but we have definitely come together for the better. For example, there have been countless stories of kindness and positivity regarding different situations and people. For the most part, we have all become more understanding, and patient as we are all in this together. With thousands upon thousands of people suffering, we have all learned to become more empathetic toward others and we are learning to have a more positive outlook on life as people are losing their lives all around us. Additionally, I have noticed that the world has become more tense, as many economic and political battles are ongoing. We have become socially unrest as millions of people have lost their jobs and unemployment has skyrocketed. However, I’ve noticed many more small changes as random acts of kindness are becoming a new norm and people are more willing to lend a helpful hand. The Coronavirus pandemic has definitely hurt millions of people across the globe, but we have the ability to come out of this situation stronger, and more tight-knit as a whole.