Morgan Lowe, Staff Editor

The forest branches obscure the sky

My own heartbeat has synced 

With my footsteps against the dirt

I became lost forever ago, I don’t remember

I just woke up and began to walk

I’ve forgotten which way is what 

I’ve forgotten where I’m meant to go

Everything feels like it’s repeating in this forest

I’ve feared I may lose part of myself

In this maddening forest

I start to think I hear other voices

And I start to think maybe they’re like me

Unwillingly fated to wander 

Not knowing what to find 

But every so often, I see it

A glimmer of light escapes behind the leaves

Slicing through the darkness in a brief yet bold statement

I’ve followed where that light tells me to go

And I think it’s the key

I think it’s our hope

Of finding our way out of the forest