Broken Radio.

Morgan Lowe, Prose Editor

My mind is like a broken radio

Whatever I’m doing

Wherever I am

There is a song on repeat

Reverberating through my psyche

I can usually change it 

But I can’t stop it

It’s okay though

The people in my head

They hear it too

The rhythm incases them

As it does me

I experience and I feel

Through the tempo of the music

The songs have comforted me

Helped to me understand

The emotions that I can’t write down

A love song plays as I daydream

Feelings that I create for myself

It all ties in

To the rhythm of my world

All the way down

To the beating of my heart

The signature feature

Of the way I’m wired

Falling silent to every other ear

I’ve come to be glad

That one of my traits

Is that my mind is like a Broken Radio