Candy Hearts

Morgan Lowe, Prose Editor

The Candy Hearts on my tongue

Sugary sweet

The colorful dust

Brushes along my fingers

Swirling gently 

I express my love

With a bubblegum envelope 

Lipstick sealing

My silent declaration 

I pour in my affections

My attractions

My devotions, you see

The feelings welling up

Until I exhale cotton lavender

From my lips, from my tongue

I bleed sparkling pink wine 

It is the lifeblood of hopeless romantics,

Like me 

I pour it into a glass

And I watch my life go by

Through rose-tinted shades

The memories treasured 

In loving picture frames 

Even as a writer, my words fail 

So I reveal my emotions

In delicate expressions 

Place them on your tongue

Look into my eyes 

Savor the pink flavour 

Of the cute little candy hearts