Exquisite Corpse #2

Note: Exquisite Corpse is a writing game that allows two people or an entire group to write a poem together. One person starts by writing a line, and a second person writes another line. The third person can then only see the second line; the fourth person can only see the third line; and so on. This poem was written by the students in Ms. Rosone’s Creative Writing 1 class on March 3, 2021.


The petals between my fingers are soft and multicolor

in a field of wonder their petals fly.

and up above them, the glorious sky is bright

Sunny days never felt so right

The light reflects off of my skin, embracing me

My soul begins to levitate, and looks down at my body facing me

I look up and see a ball of light, slowing fading in the night

I look around, a butterfly, beginning its lonely flight.

the energy it gave was off, something wasn’t right but I can’t see it with the human eye

Something wary hidden behind a curtain,

false eyes and faces form a heavy burden

i can’t change things, no matter how hard i try them

sitting within my thoughts for hours, fiddling with limited possibilities

until someday the right one arrives, the answer I am longing for, 

shining so brilliantly I could never mistake it for anything else 

other than the thing that will finally save me.