I Wait For Days

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

Evan Peterman

I Wait For Days


My dearest Ray, 

I have news that will bring calm to your troubled heart,

The storm that surrounds you and the faith of my White Crow


I see it, The Last Star

The New Found Land, Prized by our people

A night has never left me Breathless before

This Red Moon flares its pretty crimson aura as the fakes only mimic the true light


Mere Ashes at the end of a battle… 


Dust settles as they take our homes while you are off

The Breaking Dawn attacked and slaughtered us one by one

This could possibly only Foreshadow our soon-to-be new struggle

But I know I must stay strong for all of them, for the new world, and for you


And So I arise from the rubble 


I hold the eyes of a shaman 

Blood falls but no longer does my spirit as I unchained my Beloved Beast

Behemoth, your time has come

The sounds of crows have never been so beautiful, the bones crunch like sticks


Mere bugs at the bottom of my feet


The search for survivors was grim

While we run to the frozen ocean, I count about 15 of the 70 live

Upon the Black Ice, we escaped to unknown grounds making do with what we had

And by that moment, I remembered what you told me


“Never stop pushing on, keep moving forward until your bones give out. I will be here waiting at the finish line for you…”


Thank you, thank you Ray

I will never forget what you have done for me

We will grow in numbers, stronger than you

We will become the ominous shadow, operate from the abyss


And so… We shall be called the Plague


Now is the Time Of The Witches

My green eyes shall watch over you, my White Crow always at your side

I wait for the day we meet again Ray, I miss you

Thank you for teaching this mute girl how to Speak 


Teaching me how to lead us to a more promising future



Emma Roxiola