“Jumbled Notes About Night”


Photo courtesy of Google images

Abdalrahman Saljooki


I stare out into itNot conscious of any feelingOther than the pleasure that is met with my eyeThe pleasure being:The stars finalityThe sky’s eternalityThe hush of nothing


Black is how it appears to an eye unadjustedAn eye blinded by artificial lightIf taken the time to appreciate itHues of dark blue and purple are revealedPalettes of indigo and dark sapphireMix to pop the many radiant points of the skyMaking them to seem like a clothPunched with pins


Commonly considered the adversary of day,They go hand in handOne would not be what it is without the other,Both sentries of the world


I stare out into itstarstruck at its celestialityCalmed byIts veil of tranquilityall unrest and desolation,Is silenced