A Love Poem


Photo courtesy of Google images



I’m so happy with uI find myself smiling at my phoneand smiling before I kiss you.I find myself lost in your armsand smelling your hair,


us kissing on the couchand hugging till there’s no more despair in the worlds relentless and unfairair that we breathe everyday.It telling us we aren’t okay,aren’t normal or unnatural as their infatuated with their old traditional ways.And I find myself holding my breathe in thisworld,


but with u I can breathe. The ship stops rocking and my chest pains tend to seize.I get a warmth in my body and a laugh escapesand with u everything is quiet, in a good way.Their shouting stops telling me i’m not good enough.So stay by my side no matter the trying times and know that u make me happy.I love u.