Photo courtesy of Google images

Robert DeCheser

In the twilight hours, I sit and ponderOn life’s great mysteries, and wonders yonderLike a butterfly flitting through the breezeOur time on earth, too brief to seize
We’re mere mortals,with fleeting existenceBut our souls are infinite, without resistanceLike a seed, waiting to growWe have the power to reap and sow
Our world is a canvas, painted with huesOf joy and sorrow, love and abuseLike a river, flowing through the landOur emotions, too, move at our command
The clock ticks on, its rhythm steadyReminding us of times unyielding levySlike a whisper carried on the windOur lives, too, can be swept in a tailspin
But in the darkest of hours, we find the lightShining through the darkness, with all its mightLike a beacon, guiding us homeOur souls, too, can find a place to roam
So let us embrace life’s great symphonyWith all its beauty, its pain and harmonyFor like a bird, soaring in the skyWe too, can spread our wings and fly