We Rise Hand in Hand

Anushka Elavia

The pandemic captured the world in its foul hands

And yet the Earth regained its sight amidst blue skies and green lands

Graced with improved air quality and fewer carbon emissions

Thousands of individuals recovered from ailing conditions.


While coronavirus danced to its abominable tune 

The numbers of those deceased rapidly grew

Masks transformed from accessories to necessities

Washing hands became the temporary remedy.


I found no pleasure in the current circumstances

The elderly, young, and sick suffered from great consequences

Unemployment rates heightened and business collapsed

Across the entire world, coronavirus had a devastating impact. 


I understand, however, this too shall pass

The turmoil and hardships will no longer amass

Our healthcare workers devote countless hours

Heroes in white coats, healing is their superpower.


Supermarket cashiers provide food for numerous families

Their presence is strongly appreciated, helping to easy this calamity

To the compassionate teachers who selflessly tend to their students

Thank you for educating us for our growth and improvement.


To the mothers and fathers who endlessly gift their love 

As children during this crisis, we cherish the time you spend with us 

The mountainous troubles and arduous misfortunes will conclude

We must persevere hand in hand and express our gratitude.


We must stand together and raise our heads high 

We must fill our hearts with hope and begin to rise

Our combined efforts will triumph over this unwelcomed disease

Through our actions, coronavirus will be noted down as history.